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Would you rather write a check or use unsold rooms to pay for services?
Anyone can write a check. ITM uses barter as an intelligent strategy that converts unused inventory into currency to purchase valuable goods and services. An alternative to discounting, trading affords the opportunity to recover the value of unsold product in a trade credit for strategic advertising placements and premium merchandise services.
The value of just one unsold room per night achieves a substantial trade credit
While the revenue of a lost room night can never be recovered, barter offers an opportunity to turn it into revenue-generating services. With ITM’s unique barter capabilities, a small percentage of unsold inventory can be used to fund a significant advertising campaign. By trading just 1% of its room inventory, a 200-room hotel with an ADR (average daily rate) of $300 can achieve an advertising credit of over $200,000!
Monetize unsold rooms and increase profit
ITM can help expand your advertising budget, gain brand awareness and generate incremental revenue by attracting new cash customers while retaining existing customers.
• ITM works with all size properties across the globe.
• No minimum amount is required.
• ITM does not purchase remnant advertising. Clients receive targeted advertising
• ITM does not charge transaction fees.

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